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何千何亿中で 君と会えたこと奇迹だって

It's time to spread some love ♥

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Hello! This is shirley here. (: I'm from Singapore. I'm an asian chinese. I'm interested in most japanese and taiwan entertainment. I can speak and write both English & Chinese well. (I’m bilingual!)

I had a huge interest in Johnny Entertainment (JE) boys since late 2003 though I had only started fangirling over them in late 2007. *laughs* I'm mostly into JPOP and some CPOP. :D

My journal will be mostly be on my fangirling(85%) which consists of pictures, animations, translations, and probably just 15% of my personal life. (: Comment here if you want to add me. Leave a comment there and I'll most probably add you back! :D

My Nishikido Ryo's translations community : ryo_trans

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Yamashita Tomohisa!♥♥
Nishikido Ryo!♥♥♥
Taguchi Junnosuke!♥
Akanishi Jin. Ninomiya Kazunari. Sakurai Sho. Matsumoto Jun. Hideaki Takizawa. Yaotome Hikaru.

Groups: NEWS!♥ Arashi. Kat-tun.

Pairing (OTP): RYOPI!♥ JinNo. (:

Pairing (Friendship): Pin. RyoJin.

Others: Shota Matsuda. Toda Erika. Aya Ueto. Inoue Mao. Kyoko Fukada.

I've deleted most of the blog crews which I've joined. And below are the remaining ones.

»»»» I saw [*Nishikido Ryo*] doodling something on the paper. What caught me by surprise was the thing written on the paper saying, "[*Shirley*]my angel, my special happiness." ««««

Best Friends Lovers that lasted Forever Ø Shirley × Nishikido Ryo

Nishikido Ryo is my sunshine

Nishikido Ryo makes me wanna LALA ~

Nishikido Ryo + Shirley » otp!

(Nishikido Ryo) woke up one day and REALIZED that I was the ONLY ONE he could see in his EYES

---うまい♥{Nishikido Ryo} is MY kind of dessert. ♥おいしい---

When the wind blows cold & the snow falls, Nishikido Ryo puts his warm jacket on me.

Nishikido Ryo's voice is

& my fairytale story comes true; [Nishikido Ryo] kisses me when I am sleeping ♥♥

Nishikido Ryo] brought me to the beach shore at night with Fireworks & a sky of bright Stars. & there, we kissed.

I shared an ice-cream with 【Nishikido Ryo】and he started licking my lips so we ended up kissing endlessly (& breathlessly)

*Nishikido Ryo* keeps blowing up my phone with sexy voice messages!

Nishikido Ryo is my BRAVERY KNIGHT in shining amour!

Every morning I wake up and see a different guy sleeping next to me.Today I woke up by Yamashita Tomohisa's naked body.

love2(Nishikido RyoxYamashita Tomohisa)

I married Yamashita Tomohisa but cheated him off with Nishikido Ryo BLOGCREW

Yamashita Tomohisa makes my go DOKI DOKI

[Yamashita Tomohisa] is my special happiness.

Yamashita tomohisa's voice is

【Yamashita Tomohisa】 is my PRINCE CHARMINGand we live happily ever after! ❤

[Yamashita Tomohisa] put his jacket over the rain puddle so I wouldn't get wet

OMFGWTFBBQ! I'm so going to raep Yamashita Tomohisa if I have the chance! ಥ_ಥ

Back off biotch! Yamashita Tomohisa's pants belongs to me!♥♥♥

Yamashita Tomohisa is my boyfriend

Who is your NEWS Boyfriend?

Who is your KAT-TUN Boyfriend?

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